Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our new customers ask common questions. Here are a few of the frequently asked questions. If you do not see your question please call us.

1. What should I do before Superior Touch Cleaning Service comes to clean my house?


In order to provide the best service to you for the best price, we ask that dirty/clean dishes, children/pets toys, clothing, shoes and other belongings be put away before our arrival. This ensures that your belongs are where they belong and Superior Touch can provide the quality cleaning your home deserves.

2. How often will Superior Touch Cleaning Service come to clean my house?

This depends entirely upon you. We offer bi-weekly and monthly standard service which ensures a regular morning or afternoon time slot for your cleaning. You may also call for a one-time or seasonal cleaning which can be scheduled once we have seen your home and given you an estimate for what you want done.

3. Do I have to leave when Superior Touch Cleaning Service comes to my house to clean?

To keep prices low and for safety, it is better that clients are not home during a cleaning. We have several things going at once to ensure the deepest clean and the lowest price. We would not want someone to slip on a wet floor! If you must be home, we ask that you stay in an office or den until your home is cleaned.

4. What if something is damaged during cleaning?

While every effort is made to be gentle with your belongings, sometimes accident’s do happen. We will replace any item broken or damaged and we are insured.

5. Do I provide cleaning materials or cleaning equipment?

If you have carpets, we ask that you provide a vacuum designed for your carpets with a fresh bag. If you do not have a vacuum, we can provide one for you. Many of our clients have allergies and use specific products, we will use those products if necessary. We have a few small items that we ask clients to provide for sanitary reasons. We also prefer using your floor cleaner recommended by your flooring installer.

6. How much does it cost to have my house cleaned?

Even with identical floor plans, each home is different. You have different floor coverings, decorations, furnishings and area rugs. Pets and children make a difference as well. We only give estimates after meeting with you and seeing your home.

7. Why does Superior Touch Cleaning Service use “green” cleaning products?

Your health and the health of your children and pets are very important to Superior Touch. Using “green” products also is gentler on our environment. Some of the products used are made using all-natural products by Superior Touch.

Not every product used is all natural though. Some jobs are so tough they require stronger products. The products of this type that we use are the same ones found in grocery stores, but we will provide Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) on all products of this type at your request.

8. What if a spot is missed during a cleaning?

While attention to detail is our highest concern, sometimes there is a miscommunication. Our work is guaranteed so if you notify us within 24 hours, Superior Touch Cleaning Service will correct it at no charge.